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Best Domain for Your Website

It's All in the Name!

Choosing the best domain for your business
Photo Credit: Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Finding an available domain name that exactly matches your business name is not always achievable based on the millions of website owners worldwide. Often that means settling for an acronym. But wait…not so fast… why not be creative and use a catchy alternative (key word (s) that best describes your business)? If you’re stuck, try using a thesaurus to find the perfect fit.

The other important consideration is that the domain name should be short and memorable. Remember domain names shouldn’t take up too much ‘real estate’ on business cards, ads and printed marketing materials.

Another word of caution… be careful to choose a domain that is easy to spell i.e., is normally spelt only one way e.g., Google.   

Once you have a name, I recommend visiting  a website like Go Daddy and using their handy domain finder to confirm it’s availability.  Keep in mind to be conscious of copyright and branding issues in the marketplace.   

The next consideration is to determine what extension to use. Hands down the most memorable extension is “.com” If you love your domain name and .com is unavailable, you may need to choose an extension such as ‘.net’ which unfortunately is less familiar to those browsing the internet.

Finally, a note for seasoned website owners… Thankfully in most cases, you no longer have to worry about choosing the ‘privacy’ option when purchasing a domain. Historically there were 3rd party websites that served as a resource to locate the name of the domain owner along with their contact details. It’s my understanding that this practice is no long in use (thank our lucky stars!). Robert Web Studio offers annual domain registration and website hosting. We take care of all the details.  Contact us today!

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