Grow Your Business Plan

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Grow Your Business Plan
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Are you are a small business owner and want to discover ways to promote your business without 'busting the bank'?  We are pleased to announce our 'Grow Your Business Plan'.  We take a genuine interest in our clients success and offer support year-round.  Contact us today on how you can get started.

1. Email Campaigns
  • ‘Free’ Constant Contacts account;
  • Installation of ‘Subscribe’ button on your website and social media accounts;
  • Email Campaigns designed and distributed to your subscribers twice per month (content provided by client);
  • Monthly analytical reports to assess performance.
  • Design a Facebook Business Page linked to your website.
  • Design and publish weekly Social Media Posts (maximum 4 per month) to multiple social media accounts (content provided by client).
  • Social Media analytical reports
  • Tips for placing social media adverts
3. Monthly Newsletter Business Marketing Tips
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