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We invite you to browse our list of our website services below.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be pleased to assist you. 

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Websites & Blogs

Websites and blogs 

We offer beautifully rendered  websites and blogs at affordable rates. We are responsible for the design and development of your website, graphics,  arranging domain and hosting services including an SSL security certificate to add a layer of security to your site for your customers. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Owning a website for the first time may seem daunting but we are available to assist you every step of the way.  We strive to make the process a pleasant and rewarding experience. After your website is launched, we're available to assist you year round.  Website update fees are affordable and work is done promptly. If you choose WordPress (Content Management system), we'll show you how to update your site yourself.    To get started, email us a description of the website you envision, business or professional goals for your site along with the number of pages and desired features.    See 'Frequently Asked Questions' below plus our Testimonial section for client feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions..

Do your websites keep up with today's technology?

Websites are 'cross browser' for consistent design.  Our websites contain clean code to achieve optimum search engine results.

Besides my laptop, will my website display well on my iPad?

Our websites "respond" beautifully to a full range of viewports including desktop computers, iPads, tablets and cell phones.  Websites automatically adjust in width to each device.

I'm new to owning a website.  Where do I begin?

We will take care of all the technical work pertaining to the launch of your new website.  We will also help you organize content to optimize the flow of information that best describes your business.  

In addition to the cost of launching my website, what are the recurring annual costs? 
Annual costs include domain registration, web hosting and an SSL certificate to add a layer of security to your website and increase your visibility on Google.  We offer technical assistance pertaining to these details.    
What happens if I have updates following the launch of my website?

We offer HTML websites along with a "Content Management" site that allows you to perform updates yourself.  Don't have time to update your website regularly?  Take advantage of our affordable website update service. Pay as you go or choose a convenient monthly rate that fits your budget. We offer affordable, prompt and reliable service to allow you to focus on running your business.

Photo Galleries for your Personal or Business Website

Photo Albums Personal or Business
Click image to view

We design professional dynamic photo galleries for your personal website or business.  Above is a sample Photo Gallery with dynamic features that can be customized to match your personal preferences. 

Make Money from Home - Supplement Your Income Online

15% Seniors Discount available.

painterHave a particular hobby with an interest to sell your items online?woodworker

We'll build you a small affordable blog and online store that includes inventory management and a simple way to handle shipping and handling.   Learn how to integrate your store with social media and increase your visibility and boost sales. 

We offer a free consultation and and later will guide you each step of the way.   Email us today or call 250 210-1545.

Business Owners Sell Online

Shopping Carts

Are you a small business interested in creating another revenue stream by selling your products online? We'll show you how.  Robert Web Studio will build you a blog and an inexpensive shopping cart that requires NO monthly service fees (small transaction fee applies for each purchase).  Simple inventory mgmt. with S & H made easy!

Once your store is set up, integrate it with your social media account and feature your products.  With a simple click, potential customers are redirected to products in your store.  Begin generating revenue from online sales.  Email us today or call 250 210-1545. 

Self-Publishing - eBook Design

Self Publishing eBook design

Interested in self-publishing?  We offer eBook design and assistance to get you started. 

Advantages of Self Publishing

  • There is no need to store hard print books. 
  • eBooks are far less expensive to publish. 
  • Authors can update their work at any time or add or delete information.
  • Create second and third editions as your work progresses.
  • There are no shipping and handling fees to pass on to your customer.
  • Readers are able to enlarge text to fit their visual needs.
  • Selling your eBook online gives you an opportunity to test the market, gain valuable feedback, hone your skills and determine whether you've priced your eBook correctly. 
  • Ask about our social media integration to boost your marketing efforts.
  • Once all the work is done, enjoy the rewards of passive income!

Take the Next Step...

Don't sit and ponder whether to publish your work any longer.  Take the next step today.  There are no restrictions concerning the subject matter of your eBook within the limits of good taste.  Examples include fiction, non-fiction, promotional or educational material. 

"The writer is an explorer. Every step is an advance into a new land." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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